2017 Constitution Award

The State Bar Association of North Dakota will present its annual Constitution Award to one student in each North Dakota high school. 

The Constitution affects the lives of students and adults every day, and we encourage you to participate in this Constitution Award Program. This award recognizes the senior student in your school who has "the best understanding of the function of the Constitution of the United States in our form of government." In the past, many schools have presented the Constitution Award to the senior student with the top grade in a U.S. Constitution course, for the highest grade on an exam concerning the Constitution that is prepared by the instructor, or for an outstanding essay on a Constitution-related topic. Each school is free to determine the basis for the award.

Letter to Principals

Template for  Certificates

Rules Governing Awards

  1. METHOD OF SELECTING THE STUDENT to receive the award is within the discretion of the participating school officials and subject only to requirements that all senior students are considered eligible. The award is limited to one student per school.