Seminar Materials

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December 5-6, 2013

Real Property, Probate & Trust Seminar
- Subsurface Trespass (PDF)

November 14, 2013
Family Law (PDF)
Child Support (PDF)


September 26, 2013
DUI Case Law Update (PDF)
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Free Ethics Evaluation Form


September 19, 2013
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Legal Writing Seminar Evaluation


June 12-14, 2013
SBAND Annual Meeting (speakers and materials)
Thursday Morning Constitutional Symposium: Joseph Starita - “I Am A Man” – Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice

Thursday Afternoon Track 1: Robert Spector - The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and other problems of Interstate and International Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement

Friday Morning Mart Vogel Lecture on Professionalism & Legal Ethics: Character and Civility Matter: Foundations for the Future of the Legal Profession; ND Updates

Friday Morning ABA Commission: Ethics 20/20


May 15, 2013
Legislative IVN (speakers and materials)
Gail Hagerty
Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act Summary
Premarital and Marital Agreements Act Summary
Legislative Bill Status

Levi Andrist

Malcolm Brown

Aaron Birst

Jim Ganje

Mary K Kelsch

Jack McDonald


May 10, 2013
Free Ethics IVN (speakers and materials)
Dave Maring

Daniel Crothers


April 5, 2013
Bankruptcy IVN (speakers and materials)
Roger Minch

Michael Gust - Bankruptcy Rule 1002-1

Michael Gust - Case Law Update

Bruce Madlom

Kyle Carlson


March 26, 2013 (Power Point Presentation)
2013 Fundamentals Webinar: of Real Estate What Young Lawyers Need to Know and What Old Lawyers Need to Recall


February 26, 2013 (Power Point Presentation)
2013 Fundamentals Webinar: Navigating the Maze of North Dakota Auto Insurance


January 8, 2013 (Power Point Presentation)
2013 Fundamentals Webinar: Trials and Tribulations - Expecting the Unexpected and Staying on Track in Trial in State or Federal Court