2010 Indigent Defense Summer CLE

Date: 6/23/2010 
Time: 12:00 AM

• Computer forensics: Recovering “deleted” information from computers; options for presenting electronic information; and non-traditional evidence sources, such as the iPhone, iPods and GPS devices
• Sex offender registration requirements
• Immigration consequence of criminal convictions - The effect of some misdemeanor convictions might surprise you. Also, what will Padilla require of defense attorneys?
• Communicate effectively with your foreign-born client. Learn how your client’s cultural background can affect your client’s understanding and trust level with you, the police and the courts.
• The nuts and bolts of using interpreters
• Waiver of counsel and competency to stand trial
• Building a Theory of Defense by Brainstorming to Develop the Facts of Your Case. If you want a better chance of winning a criminal appeal, brainstorming will help you to develop a different factual narrative than that which the prosecution offers.
• Case law update - what is new this year?
• Eyewitness identification/misidentification. Meet Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, one of the authors of “Picking Cotton.”

Event Cost:
  Member $225.00
  Non-Member $225.00

Credit Hours:
  Ethics 2 hr(s)
  Self Study 9.25 hr(s)

Registration Closes:
  June 23, 2014 12:00 AM