2009 Real Property, Probate & Trust

Date: 12/3/2009 
Time: 12:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Program Highlights

• Basic principles and fundamentals in performing real estate appraisals. Other topics of discussion to include undivided interest discounts, effect of restrictive easements on property values, market value vs. investment value, and current trends in real estate values.
• Negotiation of oil and gas leases, and the provisions of oil and gas leases from the mineral owner’s perspective, surface damages and easements, and other mineral and surface owner issues.
• The nature of mineral ownership, the rights of mineral owners and lessees, and typical express and implied clauses and covenants of oil and gas leases.
• Definitions, jurisdiction and applicability of the SCRA to National Guard and Reserve soldiers ordered to report for military service; waiver of rights pursuant to written agreement; exercise of rights not to affect certain future financial transactions; and legal representatives.
• General relief under the SCRA, including protection against default judgments and stay of proceedings, including stay or vacation of execution of judgments, attachments and garnishments.
• The application of the SCRA to rent, installment, contracts, mortgages, liens, assignment and leases
• Evictions and distress, protection under installment contracts for purchase or lease; and mortgages and trust deeds.
• Settlement of estate cases relating to personal property; termination of residential leases; enforcement of storage liens and extension of protections to dependents.
• Anticipatory relief; powers of attorney; guarantee of residency for military personnel; and, business or trade obligations.
• What type of cases should you mediate? When should mediation occur? Do you know what result you are looking for before and during mediation? How do you use the mediator?

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  Self Study 8.5 hr(s)

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